Ok, the quiz idea.

Now, this is not QuizNet (which is quite cool....mostly). And I* really don't want this to turn into a theme-blog...you know, recipes, bad jokes, quizzes. Schedules Are For Suckers!, that's what we say. Not really, because we keep to a schedule. But we say it, in case somebody else wants to get inspired by it.


Online quizzes don't work unless they're a time-based programme. Putting up questions and waiting for answers to be posted is just pushing more business towards search engines. And if what with the time differences between one's diverse readership, it'd have to be posted at a time like now for it to be remotely convenient, so that it's 8.30am in Texas, while it's 10.30pm in Singapore. And nobody's going to wake up or stay up, respectively, for a quiz at those hours. Especially if it's on an obscure subject, and if one person writes in with the correct answers and they go "Why did I bother?".

Besides, there ain't gonna be a prize.

The original plan was to put up say 10 interesting-yet-not-obscure questions, on rotating topics, giving everyone 5 minutes to put the answers in the comment-space. Which, for reasons explained above, doesn't feel like it will work.

The alternative option of just putting up said questions, allowing people to post answers (if they want) while relying on them to be honest enough not to search for them, and then posting the answers a day later - that sounds too much like Quiznet.

So...suggestions. Or take your pick. Otherwise this is a no-go.

* That tag broke my independence from this word. It's all I, me, my, mine now. Blast and dem!


km said...

The quiz will have to be run on an IM software. Or maybe even Twitter or Meebo? Anyone wants to explore that option?

Espèra said...

Since you're not giving away prizes anyway, most people wouldn't bother to search up 10 obscure topics. Just so you get impressed? Nah.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

No prizes? Bah.

Pri said...

i don't know lady!! figure something out with the professor. lettuce know. we're waiting. we will totally win.

??! said...

Ok, whaaaat prizes am I supposed to give online huh? I can make a ranking table so you can impress other people. And virtual trophies. Will that do?

Good thought. Will take a peek.

Youuuuuuuu don't talk. This will be like the food thing - I go to all effort to put up quiz, and they you'll go "Eh...can't be bothered". Chal chal.

Pri said...

omg i will totally do your quiz. just make it happen.

Tabula Rasa said...

what, me? what do i have to do with this?

Pri said...

tabula rasa -

professor is to quiz
hispanics & women are to hillary

just saying. the riddler could use your help.

Espèra said...

What I'm saying is, since you won't have prizes, no one is going to bother searching 10 random obscure facts.
What that means is, people will honestly do your quiz, no cheating. If they don't know the answer, no one will be all THAT bothered to go around looking for it.

Tabula Rasa said...

i.e., mildly repelled but no better option?