Sobering, and slightly depressing

.....reality check for any potential authors amongst you.

See, this is why I prefer blogging- it's the Maggi of writing. And it's far less stressful (although it does have its own pressure). Ok, so not much money in it (yet), but hey, it's more fun. And I get to know you folk. You guys! Heart*.

* Apparently some people still think it's cool to write that. Pisses me off no end. It's worse when they say it. "I heart"??! The word's "love" buster. "Love" is cool, "heart" ain't. Get it? Doof-ass.


Pri said...

we heart heart. we also heart your recipes.

km said...


Esp. considering that in many species, the heart is not the center of their existence.

I gall bladder zoology.

Tabula Rasa said...

i brain bheja fry.

dipali said...

Thanks for your comment on Suki's post:)
By the way,I love your name,??!
( I almost said I heart it. Bah)

Espèra said...

And have you seen CommonWealth Games' new ad campaign?

"I *heart* Delhi. I *heart* C'W'G. I *heart* [insert name of sport] "

Is that a rip-off of the old "I *heart* NY" or what?

km said...

OK, when *was* writing an easy and lucrative profession?

??! said...

I drool food. Heh.

You're welcome. I think it was a delightfully nice thing to do. And yay for the name-appreciation - that makes three of you.

Eh...not creativity only these days, bugger men.

Easy - nyet. Lucrative - sometimes. Me stick to blogging.