Obligatory bad joke of the fortnight*

Q: What do you call spectacles worn by Maharashtrian women?
A: Bai-focals.

* Masterji, is se zyaada nahin hota. Shamaa keejiye.


One Trick Pony said...

It is up now.

Tabula Rasa said...

i have a better one, from real life. circa 1998, late one busy meeting-intensive day, i popped my head into my bosses' cabin.

"hey pradeep, you know, i just found out my bai's name is tara dave."

he looked up over his moustache and frowned. after a moment said, "so?"

"well, you want to know how i found out?"

"not really but tell me anyway."

"oh nothing special, i just found out bai dave."

??! said...

zank you.

ufff. genius.

km said...

The answer is Baisexual. What is the question?

//Hats off, TR, for that pun. It's been nicked and stored for future use.

Espèra said...

Wah wah!