Guide to Blogging - Problems, disorders, and side-effects

n., An idiopathic mental affliction common amongst bloggers, and is directly proportional the age of the individual in Blog-years. Also known as Blapathy.

Studies have revealed that the onset of this affliction can, uniquely, be identified to a specific event, viz., the point when a blogger sits down to post, and realises that all the brilliant ideas and interesting insights and odd tangents that they had, have already been posted, leaving them with nothing really to write about.

The onset of Blennui inevitably affects production rates, as well as falling standards of posts, which end up causing Statcounter-haemorrhages. The low VPD (Visits Per Day) levels cause the majority of affected bloggers to resort to desperate measures, i.e., Diarying. However, if even this fails, matters quickly result in bloggers taking the ultimate step - Blog-Deletion.


km said...

You forgot the intermediate step: recording gaalis.

Space Bar said...

dear diary. people are calling me names and nobody loves me. i'm going to delete this blog.

??! said...

scouty maaregi.