Roving Random News Linker

I know, I know, these aren't proper posts. But I did do one nice post, but I can't put it up here till some people put it up where it is supposed to go on. Till then, you get news.


* So, apparently it's easier to hit a century. This should be a heartening, yes? Weeeeeell...not so sure on that. For one, current society is just not equipped for people living for 35 years beyond an average retirement age of 65. Ok, the first decade or so, people travel, or indulge in their hobbies. But once you're past 80, really, what systems do we have in place for people to do anything - even if they are physically capable of doing things?

Of course, this doesn't dissuade me from my avowed aim to live to be 159. Nice number.

* Try smiling at the doctor next time you have to get any treatment. It might cheer them up, and as a bonus, might cut down chances of you being misdiagnosed.

* Inter-cousin marriage has always been a matter of interest, and much appreciation would be lauded if directions were given to some proper studies regarding their impact - and whether it really affects their children that much. I wonder if it's really all that bad as it's made out to be - I seemed to have turned out ok.

* Now this is ironical no, OTP? Air-India grounding a steward for having a Maharaja-style moustache.

* The decline of cottages in Bandra is likely to make Space Bar feel more depressed, but I thought I'd link it before they disappear altogether.

* And finally, why do they publish such articles? I almost fell asleep half-way through it - which isn't the response an article on sex-preparation should expect. Seriously, lighten up.


Space Bar said...

gah. i thought you'd offered to amuse me - like this?!

??! said...

I know. Sorry.

km said...

Now if a stewardess were to sport a Maharaja-style moustache, I might consider moving permanently into an Air-India plane.

??! said...

Eh? Kinkyness, or just for plain entertainment value?

km said...

kinky would be a bearded stewardess.