Obligatory bad joke of the month*

Q: What do you call a crazy flea on the moon?
A: A lunatick

* Soon to be a recurring feature. You may groan now.


Renovatio said...

Say, hypothetically I was to start a recipes/places-to-eat blog. Would you care to contribute? Hypothetically, of course.

??! said...

yayayay! No wait...dem...you used the word "contribute". See, I'm all for joining, but I seem to end up not contributing too much. But yay! ok! yay!

Espèra said...

Make it a regular feature.
I can then recite them to random people and get a lot of joy seeing them groan.

How's this one? (I made it):
Q - What's made of milk, is yellow, has holes and is liked by mice?
A - Cheese!!
Questioner - *Click* with a camera motion.

{Guaranteed to have the answerer tearing the hair out)

??! said...

oooh, oooh, that was terrible! Theek hain, regular feature it is.

Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar said...

Dear ??!,

Pardon my French, in advance.

Q: What is 2q + 2q ?
A: 4q
Q: Oh yeah? Well, 4q too, you bastige!


Puppy Manohar
Running bad puns over TCP/IP since 1999(TM)

Space Bar said...

For your delectation, Food Porn.

(and this, at least, is not a bad joke. Sheesh, you guys.)

??! said...


whaaaaat? you no like puns? oh come, come, it is fun.

Tabula Rasa said...

of the month??? (and !)


??! said...

how now? you want more often? hamara audience bhaag jayega, baba.

Tabula Rasa said...

darne ka kya? hum hi tunhara audience hai na.

Space Bar said...

nobody will run away. i only get indignant when other people do puns.

??! said...

ok baba. shall make this into fortnightly episode, like foodie one. You must also do, but.

No puns? Hmm....liveable. Just about.