Friday fripperies

Say quiet,
say quite,
say quite quiet,
say quite quietly,
say them all quietly.

Write quiet,
write quite,
write quietly,
and then write them quietly.

Say write,
write say.
Say write quietly,
quietly, and quietly
write say quiet.
Say quietly write quiet,
write quietly say quiet.
Say write quietly say write,
Write say quietly write say quiet.

Write right,
say right, rightly.
Say quite right,
write rightly quiet.
Say write right.

...say what?


km said...

Quiet Riot.

??! said...

ohooo. genius. you will also be contributing to BJoM feature?

Renovatio said...

Writ, not quit.

Puppy Manohar said...

Quite (,) a fascinating word, isn't it?

We found it fascinating too.

pri said...

errr quiet time anyone?

we kid. we kid. you just got back from quiet time.

Espèra said...

Quite. You write very rightly.

??! said...

ok hush now.

Tabula Rasa said...

i think you need to quieten these people.

take punitive action.