Manual of Life - Little Trick No.35

If living with someone who squeezes toothpaste tubes from the middle, respond by squeezing them from the top-of-where-they-leave-off. Finding the amount of squeezable paste diminishing, they will be forced (eventually) to learn to squeeze from the bottom of said tube*.

If said squeezer is determined to outlast you at this tactic, and you are unfortunate enough to get hold of tube after the last squeezable bit from upper half has been squeezed out - Do Not Falter! Simply use alternative mouth cleansing techniques (like so) till they get fed up enough to squeeze from the bottom.


Espèra said...

Aah. Nice trick, that.
How about, after their turn, use, and then squeeze all the remaining toothpaste as far back as possible?

??! said...

eh, too much effort that. but also viable.