Manual of Life - Little Trick No.64

Ways to avoid morning-breath without having to brush teeth, on mornings where you have to slot in time to breathe:

Quarter an orange* - your choice of variety, but only semi-sweet - and place in fridge overnight. First thing in the morning, grab, bite into, suck, roll across teeth, toss peel, repeat. Now face the day.

Multi-tasking it is - biological wake-up device**, bacteria-killer, and breakfast. Wah!

And no juice. It is the biting that is bliss.

* Sweet limes work too. But they're too nice.
** You try biting into a sweet-n-sour cold orange first thing in the morning and see if your brain doesn't get get a jump-start.


Shoonyata said...

thanks for the tip...will check it out...
but want to really thank you for introducing "puppymanohar".. without doubt the best blog I have visited recently.

??! said...

you're welcome.
and you're welcome.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Try a wedge of grapefruit. The utter tartness (bordering on bitterness) will work admirably as well.

km said...

This is seriously life-changing.

Goodbye, toothpaste. (and goodbye, friends and colleagues.)

Pri said...

there is no excuse for not brushing your teeth in the morning. if you got time to suck on citrus fruit, you got time to gargle. i recommend listerine whitening clean mint. is varynice.

??! said...

Grapefruit has been tried, but just can't stand the bitterness. Given no option though, pink grapefruits are preferred.

hehe. glad you approve.

ah, but you cannot gargle on the run can you?

Renovatio said...


I really must ask though, what does one do in the summers, when oranges and sweet lime isn't available?

scout said...

reno is so cute. such a cute delhi boy. knows all about watermelons in summer and orange in winter. awww.

but annnyway, have you tried kissing after that? does it work? does the other person not die of orange-peel-sting? and if so, i might've just found a way of not excusing myself, only to return smelling of listerine. SUCH a give-away.

on_trial said...

Try home-made wine. Thicker the better.

It won't make your breath smell better, but you'll stop caring.

??! said...

what're all these 'fresh' new shops for? seasonal is so last-year, honey.

ah, finally a worthwhile question. umm, and it does - because they just assume you brushed and then had the orange. yay!

oi - some people have to actually get through the day. might as well gargle with vodka.

Renovatio said...

Oi, I cook. I only use fruits when they're fresh a la season.

on_trial said...

??!, that's the point - wine helps you get through the day. It's like one of our ancient vedic remedies - multiple benefits.

P.S. Hope I spelt your name right...