F3 returns!*

For new readers, the Friday Fortnightly Food (F3) post is all about culinary indulgence. It offers one recipe, which should be -
1) Relatively simple to prepare, though not necessarily quick.
2) Experimental and fancy, without being too exotic (or is it the other way round?)
3) Made up of relatively easy-to-find ingredients.
4) Comforting and satisfying.

Some are twists on standard recipes, some are concoctions of a bored and fiddly mind. Measurements aren't always exact, because this ain't gravimetric analysis. Today we do...

Pasta primavera (for 2)

Time Required:
Preparation - 3 minutes
Cooking - 10-12 minutes

Keep ready:
Olive oil
Shallots, 4-5, sliced
Walnuts or pine-nuts, whole
Mushrooms, few, sliced
Green beans, whole
Mixed peppers, cut into strips (equivalent to 2 peppers)
Salt, pepper, oregano
Linguini or spaghetti
Creme fraiche*, 4-5 tbsp
Single cream, 2 tbsp

Boil pasta in lots of water, adding 1tsp salt and some olive oil. Meanwhile, in a pot, heat some olive oil, add the shallots and fry on medium-high heat till golden (about 2 minutes). Add the nuts and let toast for 2 minutes. Then add the mushrooms and beans, stir for a minute, and then add the mixed peppers and seasoning. Stir for another minute, then add the creme fraiche and cream, and let cook for a couple of minutes. At the end, add the cooked pasta, mix well, and add more seasoning as required.

Best served chilled (with a medium-dry white wine).

Why you should try this:
This is a welcome variation from the classic tomato-based pasta dishes. It's perfect in summer, especially if you serve it chilled, and is also much lighter than other pasta dishes. The veggies make it delightfully crunchy, and the shallots in particular give it this ever-so-slightly sweet taste which contrasts well with the creme fraiche. Oh, and it also looks pretty, with the colours of the beans and peppers being brought out beautifully by the white sauce.

Focus on:
1) Cooking the veggies just enough so that they retain some crunch - especially the peppers.
2) Not overdoing the cream - it just masks all the other tastes.
3) Keeping it relatively dry. There's not supposed to be too much left to mop up with bread.

* Variations:
1) Alternatively, one large red onion. If all else fails, one white onion.
2) If not available, try soured cream, or yogurt as a last resort.


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