"From our vantage point today, it is clear that the key trigger for the Born Abusive, Defamatory, And Stroppily Sexist (B.A.D.A.S.S.) movement - and the subsequent almost total short-term elimination of social niceties - was when the Western world believed it had received unassailable proof that the so-called "political correctness" trend of the late 20th and early 21st century had gone too far.

That 'proof' was, of course, the suit filed by mute adult-film actress Loraine Lengen ('Lollipop Lola') against the director of one of her films, on grounds of discrimination, for calling her a "dumb fuck". "

- Dr. James Willington-Scotts (From Ass-anglers to Ziplickers : A Guide to the Terminology of The Rude Years)


km said...


Now that would be a fun film for the weekend: Lollipop Lola. Sorry Ingmar, out of the DVD player now.

//everyone who googled for "Dr. James Willington-Scotts, raise your hand"

??! said...

She could be turned into a recurring character, if that pleases certain people. But isn't that just such a catchy name?