Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(While this could be true, it could also not be)

When I was seven (or maybe eight), I was going through all the colour-coded Blyton short stories books. One of those carried this story about a mean woman who kept thumping and banging all her furniture and belongings, and how they (the table, the teapot, the pots, etc) got fed up and began playing tricks on her till she realised what was happening and started treating them better.

The story simultaneously made me thankful that there was at least one other person in the world who believed that the objects around us were alive and secretly communicating with each other, and made me even more paranoid for the same reason.

So if you catch me apologising after slamming a door, you know why.


blackmamba said...

objects around us were alive and secretly communicating with each other

umm...you are not a software developer?! the computers are out to get us. esp., during a demo.

??! said...

Computers are a whole different ball-game. For one thing, they can communicate directly with us. That's why they are the only ones that get individual names.

Shyam said...

I'm worried that this just doesn't seem surreal...

km said...

Apologizing to the door is one thing. Do you ever thank it for opening and closing? An unappreciated door is an unhappy door, man.

??! said...

Ze whole point of these posts :)

You go down that road and then you get doors that are smugly satisfied by just opening for you. DA knew that, and he warned us a long time ago.

I do say hello to them though.

» sahil said...

Elevator doors are always the smugly satisfied ones.

And then there are those stuck-up doors that never want to open until the season changes.

Zannah said...

I love love love your blog. I heart it. I'm at work and it's soooo blah today, nothing to do - I feel I will read all your posts :) Almost all, anyway!

dipali said...

The gadgets in my house certainly do communicate with each other! They seem to collapse either simultaneously or in quick succession, particularly if they smell a bonus in the air:(
I talk to some things too. I have a new washing machine which I often thank and pat appreciatively:)