Things change.

And you look back, and look around now, and you wonder.

And you doubt.

And you laugh. off.

And you cringe.

And you rationalise.

And you cannot believe it was you who was that, then.

And you cannot accept that it will still be you, soon, doing the same things in years to come.

And you deny.

And you fight.

And you reinvent.

And you never accept that this is you.

And that this will always be you.

And you're stuck.

And that if you just realised that, you would be free.


» sahil said...

The last line :)

Roy said...


Anonymous said...

Life, is.


I said...

We're just addicted to some things, and that's why we never set ourselves free. Awareness is everything... it's just one step that takes to break the habit.

And then the cycle.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

hmmm..such an accurate representation of my state of mind rightnow aiyo