Pet Peeves #43

"Ok, so write me".

Yah. Just like you want me to "sing you"? And "call out you"? And "post that letter you"? And "hand that mug you"?

Stupid American English.

PS. Even if you go with the "if you can 'call me', why not 'write me'" argument, there's no excuse for the sentence, "I wrote you". What am I, some frikkin' imaginary character in a book you're drafting? Oh yeah? Well, come see the pretty lines on my knuckles. No, no, a little closer...


Shyam said...


I loves me a good rant...

Mudra said...

High five. =)

brinda said...

Maybe you could write me and tell me if you met with the person who wanted to examine your knuckles? TWO of my pet peeves in one koschen!

km said...

BTW, "Sing me a song" *is* accepted usage. ("I'll sing TO you a song" sounds like a grammar teacher's pop hit.)

//Even your fellow countrymen, the protectors of English, sing: "Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song". Definitely American usage, but I think it works.

Tabula Rasa said...

don't know about you but i'm good.

??! said...

I loves me one too.

Low ten!

That usage is correct, because of the positioning of the noun at the end. But you would say 'sing for me' or 'sing to me', rather than 'sing me' (which was my point).

It's the winter. I get crabby.

Phantasmagoria said...

FINE! Don't write me. Text me?


» sahil said...

Yes! "Write me" sounds so ... awkward.

And the "call me" - doesn't it refer to telephonic conversations? Otherwise I'd be "calling out to you" I suppose.

The last line!