Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(This may or may not be true)

I love seeing how people react to different situations.

To this end, once while in college, I painted my two littlest toe-nails a lovely pink colour, and walked about wearing floaters.

It took four minutes before the first person on the road spotted it, but it took three days before any of my friends did.

Draw your own conclusions.


NightWatchmen said...

We hope the second know in the first sentence is actually now, otherwise my head is spinning trying to compile that statement!!!

??! said...

You were right. And it's corrected.

km said...

Draw your own conclusions.

None of your friends have a foot fetish? Your friends believe in eye contact?

Anonymous said...

Strangers judge by quirks; friends love you regardless.

??! said...

What Anon said.