Friday Fun: Food Fiesta

For Brinda (ok, and the rest of you as well). Because you had to know this one was coming.


Guaranteed 100% no weight-gain India travel diet

Time Required:
The duration of your trip.

Do not keep ready:
Sitaphal ice-cream
Ghee medu vada
Cheese seeeeeeeeeeeendwich (Bombay ishtyle)
Ganne ka ras
Ragda payttis
Royal falooda
Dahi sev batata puri
Mango lassi
Aloo 65
And, of course, orange-flavoured hot chocolate.

Think about them, salivate, tell everybody how you're just waiting to get your hands on them - and then, for some reason quite unfathomable to yourself, make no attempt to partake of them*.

Why you should try this:
Everybody's allowed a temporary lapse of judgement.

* I'm still trying to figure out why I didn't.


km said...

"Jellababies": i like that neologism!

//Just any Sitaphal ice-cream? Or the one from Natural's (and I mean the shop in Vile Parle)? Let's be precise. These are vital facts being discussed.

Shyam said...

You're not human. You're NOT HUMAN! (twice over, once for mentioning the list, and again for *gasp* "NOT PARTAKING"!)

??! said...

I was thinking more of the one from Apsara (that hand-churned ice-cream shop in Walkeshwar). Or from Badshah's in Crawford Market.

Aren't you glad I didn't throw in a reference to my genes?

brinda said...

km, why are you encouraging this? yes, i know, the provenance of ice-cream is vital and all, but still...
and ??! - you didn't eat jellababies? not ONCE during this trip? are you human? (shyam seems to know the answer to that!) or were you down with delhi belly in bombay?
and yes, yes, you have designer genes... and size 0 mannequins are modelled on you and your ilk!

??! said...

No jellababies - was busy stuffing my face with gajar ka halwa.

km said...

Sorry, brain-freeze there. The shop I remembered from Parle was "Gokul's", not Naturals.

??! said...

And there I was racking my brains as to where in VP that Natural's was. Breach Candy, n'est-pas?

Space Bar said...

hullo. jvpd did used to have a naturals. you mean it's gone? *sigh* take your eye of a city for a bit and everything changes.

ps. i hate you. even if you didn't lose weight eating all that.

DewdropDream said...

Oh happens to me too but I do sample a few things.

P.S: You and I share won't-gain-weight-no-matter-what-yuou-eat genes. Woohoo! :D

The Bride said...

Nooo how could you (not, I mean)?

Shyam said...

DewdropDream: Damn, my list of people-I-hate just went up by one! :)