A pome

People who go aww
are those who would go caw
at a hopping crow
found in the snow,
to see if it would
stay on for good

(to be turned into a pet
after first being taken to a vet
to clip its fat fat wings
to make it need that hanging ring
and be taught

to do tricks

with tiny tiny bricks
and to flutter
at the sight of creamy butter
and to blare a song
when they bring out the thongs
and to claw the remote
and use the phone to textvote
and to bring a beer
when the fridge is not near)

or if it would
fly back into the wood.


People who go aww
should make you wary
and chary
and use words like nary,
for they are
the truly scary.


Shyam said...

And this is a poem in the style known as "Ogden Nashery" :)

Tabula Rasa said...

and people who write pomes
from the comforts of their homes
could be called not trolls but gnomes
because on someone else's blog they wrote aww.

??! said...

'Twas very unintendary, too.

Ha! I was waiting for that.

It was indeed prompted by my comment. And by something Veena said some months back when I went 'awww' on one of her marriage posts.

dipali said...

To awww or not to awww, that is the question!