Friday Fun: Fpoor Fpuns

Q: Why are partying bachelors referred to as 'stags'?
A: Because they're very horny*.

This has to be the reason right? I haven't found any better explanation through much hunting onWeb.

* If you're pedantic enough to be going "But noooo - that's antlers", I've got two words for you....shuddup now.


FĂ«anor said...

But that doesn't explain why partying spinsters (!) are called 'hens', though, eh?

??! said...

Heh, gotcha.

Because they all gang up, cluck away, and chase off any randy roosters (or the other synonym).

The Bride said...

Oi, should we start the Joyce soon? Like... this week?

dipali said...


Shyam said...

Why do squirrels swim on their back?

Because they like to keep their nuts dry.

See? Now THAT'S funny :)

Space Bar said...

just reminding you that another friday is rolling around. here's a suggestion: write recipe for most repulsive snack ever, no? we can all contribute.

??! said...

The Bride:
September the 1st. Chalega?

30-0 to you, lady. Brilliant.

I know, I know. A nice Moroccan tagine will do instead?

The Bride said...

Yep, sounds good! Will go find a copy tomorrow.