Intense Paranoia - Identification Method #55

Believing that coffeeshops use hidden odour-dispensing machines to pump out specially enhanced coffee perfumes.

It is the only possible explanation for why they smell so heavenly, but their products taste like clay that's been churned all morning.


The Bride said...

Except if its Starbucks in which case it smells like burnt coffee. And tastes like it. Authentic I guess.

dipali said...

Good one:)

??! said...

Wouldn't know. Avoid the lot of them. Especially since not one of them can make a decent pudina-and-elaichi chai.


Cynic in Wonderland said...

that my child, is probabaly true. macs does that - they spray French (fries) perfume on to the sidewalk to generate walk ins. fact.

NightWatchmen said...

Well I do not think that there is any conscious effort required, clay on which rain has just fallen smells awesome, but have you tried eating any!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shyam said...

Odd... my husband, a complete coffee addict, has ALWAYS maintained this! :D

DewdropDream said...

There's this desi shop on Shaftesbury Avenue right next to one of the theatres, opp Trocadero's ... they do VERY good masala chai... the authentic stuff, brewed, milky and sweet... go there. Do not buy anything to eat from there though.

??! said...

I didn't reply to these comments. How rude.

Macbasher. Good for you.

It tastes wonderful, as my three-year-old self will have you know.

Great minds...

Oho - because I can't make masala chai myself? Will try though if I'm in the area.

HP said...

oooh ! yus ! the ones that don't smell of coffee very much usually have better coffee. i've noticed.

DewdropDream said...

Ummm... no, if you happen to have a craving for propah hot drinks when out, in that area anyway. It's surrounded by coffee-shops... this makes a nice change.