You ever realise you can't use movement on hills to explain a situation in the positive?

You can't tell someone things are going to get better by suggesting it's all downhill, because that's...bad (?) - even though going downhill is such a joyous, carefree, low-exertion process. But, you also can't tell someone it's all uphill, because they'll just think you're scaring them by pointing out the obstacles they have to climb.

It's a conspiracy by the British I tell you. Why else would the most commonly used phrase to explain good times be smooth sailing? What else would you expect from a bunch of islanders whose love for seafaring helped them conquer half the world?


km said...

Ha. Just ask Sisyphus.

"It's all downhill from here" is bad but "we will soon be over the hump" is good.

Does not compute.

NightWatchmen said...

"Scaling new peaks" I would presume.......

Falstaff said...

The thing about hills is, sooner or later you get over them.