There is still Hope

I've come to the conclusion that bloggers are pack animals.

It is a truth (which should be) universally acknowledged that bloggers need other bloggers. Not just so that there is somebody to read their own witterings and tell them how utterly and stupendously brilliant they are (which is always appreciated, of course), because you don't have to bloggers to do that, just readers.

No, bloggers need other bloggers to blog. As sounding boards. As empathy boards. As triggers for subconscious posts. As guides for things they didn't know existed. As benchmarks for the levels of literary/comic/sarcastic brilliance possible. As markers for what already exists out there, and what else they could write about.

I've realised I used to blog more (and better) when there the other bloggers I read also blogged frequently. Heck, that's why I began blogging - because I liked what others were posting, and wanted to add to the fun and craziness. I see my posts from 18 months back, and they're prolific and diverse and (compared to recent posts) experimental. And that's because there was such a strong peer group then. Anki, BM/OTP, Baby and Puppy, CS, Falsie, Flaffy, KM, Ph, Pri, Punkster, Reno, Roswitha, Scout, Space, Szer, The Bride, TR, Wiseling....everyone was blogging a lot, and blogging about diverse things*. Now - well, now KM and The Bride are still going strong, but Space has episodes, Falsie's still in Etudes mode, Szer's going pictorial-only, Pri's going on and on about some cheesy soap-opera where people pretend to be able to sing, and everybody else...well (TR's excused because of the sprog). And yes, there are other blogs one reads and interacts with it now, but these were the first ones I did, and they left their mark.


Behind the clouds is the sun still shining and all.

And so returns a place of...well, not hope, but of - Withering sarcasm. Nautanki. And heart-achingly personal outbursts. The kinds that make you squirm at being exposed to so much, so intimately, but which you can't stop reading, because it reminds you of who you were/are/could have been, and because you cannot cease to be amazed at the fortitude it must take to be able to declare it all publicly.

But most of all, a blog that's brilliant.

And so, without further ado, the event you have all been waiting for, the spectacle to end all spectacles, the one thing that was missing from your lives even though you did not know it, featuring the return of the Queen of Melodrama, the Empress of Confessions, the girl who put the 'ingapo' in Singapore, the Blogger Most Extraordinare....


Cue total dhinchaak band-baaja music. No, seriously, we love cheesy.

Go give her your love.

PS. AndIswearifyoutrollherI'llcomethumpyousomerealgood.


scout said...

queen of melodrama. tchah. and here i was, going for subtle.

welcome back me! yay!

km said...

If we troll her??

Didn't she spark off a crisis in Zion once by using a really funny epithet on one of their people?

??! said...

Chalo baba, Queen of Subtle Melodrama. Happy?

She still uses it. But in a nice way.

YouDon'tCareAnyway said...

Didn't mention me. I don't matter. Ok. That's it. I am so not going to read you again. Ptttttthhhhhhhhhhh... :-P

Space Bar said...

oh, ooooh! see, after that comment on km's it's already happened!

wiseling said...

Hahah you're hilarious. But yes, it is very nice to have her back. And we are thankful that you never left. :D

Tabula Rasa said...

thank you. hope you're ...well too.

??! said...

How can I mention you if you won't tell me your name?

I was thinking about that only. You're a lucky charm and all.

Awwiie. Thank you.

No, no, you're excused. You have little poppet to keep you busy.

The Bride said...

Thank god... one more thing to do at work.

Also, AI is not a soap opera. Phtooey!

CrazyDiamond said...

"nice" I suppose is in order.

Chronicus Skepticus said...


Now can someone get that nautanki extraordinaire, BM urf OTP urf urf-er to get her ass back to blogging?

Pri said...

yes. let's start a movement. this world needs bm.

DewdropDream said...

Even if I troll her like I trolled you, for the sake of trolling?