Manual of Life - Little Observations #65

Certain sounds (specifically voices) made in the open are more distinct when heard from inside a quiet room, than if heard from on the road.

Reason? Walls and windows filter out sounds of certain frequencies, leaving those sounds that do filter through to become more noticeable and hence, more attuned to. However, when the same sounds are heard whilst standing outside the room, they get mingled with all the other sounds going on (which are now not filtered), causing the ears to not so intently tune into them.


NightWatchmen said...

Sir/Madamjee as a humble analog circuit designer right at the end of yet another long tiring day at work you had to post about stuff we call filters!!!! By the way what you are describing is in our parlance better SNR. And now I am thinking of how this is is the idea behind the Wi-Fi that is used in laptops.......

Shyam said...

Noted. And noticed.

dipali said...

Amazing coincidence-I just wrote a post about a street vendor's cry that I couldn't figure out. I like your analysis, by the way.

km said...

That still doesn't explain the voices inside my head.

Everyone hears those, right?


??! said...

'SNR' = Sonic natural resonance (wild guess)? Also, apologies.

One is pleased to be of service.

I read! And yes, those calls have almost always befuddled me too.

Of course we do.....we put them there. Mwuahhhhaaaahhahaahahahahaha.