For Veena*

Bamse's Guide on how to cope with a little snow.

You know, this country is about as bad as India. Remember the floods in 2006? And now this. Travel is still pretty dire in the capital, the economy is expecting a £2bn hit, and inevitably, some people find reason to moan about giving kids a holiday.

At least this fellow's happy about it all.

* Ok, also for Shefaly, Feanor, Dewdrop, Neha, and Shyam. But mostly Veena.


Shefaly said...

But I _love_ the snow! :-)

Veena said...

Thank ye! As usual, Bamse knows everything.

But to be fair and all, it really doesn't snow that much so not sure if the govt should now go buy snow ploughs. Obv, agree totally with stuff such as dress sensibly, keep an ice scraper handy etc. Most important of all, don't bloody sit at home. Go outside and play. It is only water.

neha vish said...

awwww. I was such a happy camper today morning. Going oooh and aah over all that snow.

(But a woman slipped, and decided to hold on to me - and I slipped too. Very comic. Tragic for the bum though.)

??! said...

Hola! Good to have you back and all.

And who said you couldn't like the snow while you getting ready to battle it?

Bamse indeed does.

And the Niagara Falls is only water. Doesn't mean we all go and jump into it.

I know, I saw fotu. Pretty.

And youchies for the bum.

Chronicus Skepticus said...


Gosh, I want!

Can you imagine a snow-cloaked marine drive?

Tabula Rasa said...

i'm glad you people are having fun. there's a few dozen cubic meters on my yard and driveway -- feel free to come over and take as much as you want.

Shyam said...

For me? Me too? really? awww :) We had a few small snowball fights with the neighbour's kids... "small" being the operative word, because there wasnt enough snow around where I live! Still, it was fun :)

??! said...

Can you imagine a snow-cloaked Hanging Gardens?

Heh - that's still there kya? Nobody take you up on the offer?

Well, you might get some tomorrow.

Tabula Rasa said...

well, the sign has now plopped face first thanks to the arctic wind we're getting (current temperature with wind chill: -13 F -- it's gotten so i now go outdoors nange pair).

DewdropDream said...

Awwww you thought of me!!! Thank you!!!!

It's still around... melting slowly and causing more people to fall... was one myself this morning haha!

Load of fun though... got some fantastic photus and went for a nice walk where everyone you met smiled... and best of all, SNOW FIGHTS!!!!

FĂ«anor said...

Dash it, I missed this one. So how big a snowman did you make?