Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction (also, Fpoor Fpuns)

What you didn't know that you always wanted to know about me. Or some funny line like that.
(Warning: This may or may not be true)


A die-hard King Kong fan, I signed up immediately when asked if I wanted to train at a secret ninja school*. I left within a week though out of disillusion - I hadn't realised they were experts in guerrila warfare.

* If you're interested, I could tell you where it is, but then I'd have....you know the rest.


Space Bar said...

If you're interested, I could tell you where it is, but then I'd have..

Question: what if someone suicidal asked you and you told them? Would it count as suicide or homicide?

brinda said...

space bar: that would count as "death by curiosity" you think? (and that's a nice title for a whodunit, no?)

??! said...

Well, maybe assisted suicide.

Falstaff said...

Further question: What if you were feeling suicidal, but couldn't bring yourself to do it, so you put up a tantalizing piece of information, waited for someone to ask about it, told them, killed them and then confessed to all this knowing it would mean the death penalty. Would that count as suicide or homicide?

??! said...

Or, or, if you were feeling homicidal, and put up the information, knowing someone would ask you, so you could then kill them and say "But I warned them. They were obviously suicidal".

HP said...

can curiosity kill a dog person too?

Falstaff said...

??!: Good one. Though then again, by saying you were going to kill them you basically established premeditation, and therefore increased your chances of making it a capital offense, so it could be argued that you were suicidal.