Ok, enough pedant-giri recently on this blog. Time for some keedas (Aishwarya, you will forgive me for starting this, but you just weren't putting this up on your blog, and it was too good to pass up).


The orgasm game.

No, it's not what you're hoping for, you little desperate blogreader you. Down pheromones, down!

Now, what this is, is this - simply come up with appropriately clever/hilarious/groanpunworthy names for orgasms specific to certain groups of people. Ideally, they should rhyme with the original word, but we're ok even if it just reads right.

Examples/already thought up -
Vikings have Thorgasms
He-Man has Skeletorgasms
Exfoliating agents have poregasms
Neo-cons have wargasms
Oliver Twist has moregasms
Sci-fi lovers have Tor-gasms*.
Jim Morrison fans have Doorgasms
Golf players have foregasms
Scientists have Bohrgasms
Retailers have storegasms
(and my favourite)
Sikh women have kaurgasms.

So, hit the commentspace. But please, NO mass puns in one comment (that means you Falsie).

* In-joke. Re: Tor books.


km said...

Miners have Oregasms
Some anthropologists have loregasms
Landlubbers have shoregasms
and Lion-tamers have roargasms

Asterix and Obelix had boargasms?

Now get this -

People following quadrennial events, like elections, have Fourgasms.

//the days I do laundry and the dishes I have choreg..nah, I just hate those chores.

Falstaff said...

Kierkegaard lovers have Either/orgasms
Bizet fans have Toreadorgasms
Video game aficionados have Sporegasms
And Argentinian literati have Borgesms.

Oh, and from what I've seen of the place, nobody, and I mean nobody, has Bangalorgasms.

Falstaff said...

The knights who say 'Ni' have organisms.

Falstaff said...

[Warning: In extremely questionable taste]:

Concentration camp supervisors have orgas'ems.

km said...

Kierkegaard lovers have Either/orgasms

That will get you the prize, but "Concentration camp supervisors have orgas'ems" is taking you straight to hell.

Shyam said...

Glider pilots have soargasms
Sex maniacs have moregasms
Pig fanciers have boargasms?
Dermatologists have poregasms

Somewhat questionable:
Brothel patrons have whoregasms

km said...

And since there are no Tamilians here (yet) - well, they are the folks who get morgasms when they eat some of that yogurt.

Oh, and Nature's reaction upon meeting vacuum? That's right, abhorgasm.

Falstaff said...

Do androids dream of electric cyborgasms?

Falstaff said...

NGOs have .orgasms

Falstaff said...

Seals that escape killer whales have orcasms.

[??!: Remember, you were the one who was against mass puns in ONE comment]

Falstaff said...

My favorite Wodehouse character has orgapsms.

Falstaff said...

People who exaggerate their sexual excitement in order to make fun of their partners have sargasms.

Falstaff said...

People who do it with paper have origasmi.

Space Bar said...

only one dairy pun and km makes it.

(i'm only here to give visual relief from a string of falstaffs in the comment space.)

*Adobe Pagemaker has compositorgasms.*

??! said...

Mark and Steve have Waughgasms.

(Space, thanks. Can we now say with conviction that puns are Falsie's third most important love, after books and classical music?)

??! said...

Fruitarians have rawgasms.

km said...

Comp Sci students have NORgasms and XORgasms.

EE students resist ohmgasms (and Eastern Religion majors have omgasms)

//No references to *that* device in Woody Allen's "Sleeper" (or a certain Motorhead album)?

///Falstaff: Origasmi? LOL.

Falstaff said...

Postmen in Portland have ORgasms

[??!: No, no. You forget movies. And art. Puns just about make the top 10]

??! said...

George Romero has goregasms.

??! said...

Kayakers have oargasms.

Shyam said...

Floyd fans have Gilmourgasms

Shyam said...

Mushrooms have sporegasms

Shyam said...

Interior designers have decorgasms

Shyam said...

Jack Frost has hoargasms

Pri said...

green folk have goregasms

Pri said...

campers have smoregasms

shyam said...

I've heard it rumoured (never experienced it myself) that house-proud people have scourgasms :)

Shyam said...

Fans of large Japanese wrestlers have sumorgasms

spark said...

when u have kind of slightly got it and yet not the full one...minorGASM :D

brinda said...

dammit! go away for a few days and there's this orgy going on here that i'm not a part of? never mind that i can't think of a single solitary pun... i think i shall go away again

??! said...

Nice ones.

It's maddening, no? Next time I'll announce beforehand ok?

Vaudevillian said...

*gasp* i missy!
soccer suckers savour scoregasms
maverick mccain has wargasms,
but neither have norgasms.

Confused & Baffled said...

even after reading so many, i want moregasms!

Anand Ramachandran's Evil Twin said...

Will Wright has Sporegasms.

Thieves have Chorgasms.

Ambani has Croregasms.

People without beds have Floorgasms.

I'll stop now, before I have moregasms.