He finished proclaiming his latest view. Moments later, the expected storm of outrage, scorn, and counter-arguments burst.

He weathered the first wave, amazing as always at the vehemence that a few well-chosen radical words could raise. He then sent forth his words again. New outburst, another comment, yet more backlash.

The hours passed. He finally stopped when it hurt too much to laugh.

Another successful day baiting other commenters on Rediff.


Shyam said...

I do so like the productive use of one's time online :)

dipali said...

Sadistic, hunh!

brinda said...

Hee hee. Nice! But I suspect you're over-estimating that lot over at Rediff!
(um... i thought i wouldn't, but my fingers are typing this even as my brain says stop... amazed instead of amazing? mail all death-threats to v.brinda@gmail.com)

Pri said...

you got me there. i was thinking presidential politics until i got to the third line.

the saint said...

rofl - maybe you should direct us to these exchanges or at least post the best of them here

??! said...

Ok, first, when the label says "Imagined", it is.

Very baaaad person :)

You're too obsessed with Obama, that's why only.

The Saint:
Thanks. And you just have to click on any story about cricket, religion, female models, filmstars, or regional differences to see what I'm talking about. Be warned though - most time-consuming in its hilariousness.

Ha! I was waiting for that. I was going for the verb form, like 'wondering' or 'staring', so you have to read the line in that context. I couldn't recall if such a usage is not generally acceptable, but even if it isn't, it seems to be that it should be (rather than the boring 'and was amazed at').

brinda said...

damn! becoming predictable, am i?

Pri said...

im over my barack phase. i am now obsessed with mrs. obama.