This silver ball has a cloudy edge

The unexpected benefits of working from home:

  • You put on four kilos in two months.
  • You realise how little you're spending on shaving implements and accessories.
  • And deo.
  • You realise you're keeping in touch with more friends, and keeping more in touch with friends.
  • You're cooking a lot more. New stuff, too.
  • And reading a lot more.
  • And listening to more music.
  • You can't remember the last time you wore a formal shirt.
  • Mid-day nookies (hai la!)
  • Four kilos. Two months. Woooohooo!
Cloudy bits include:
  • Gasping when you try to do your normal cycle-run in the same time as you used to.
  • Being expected to not have a problem in running errands.
  • Being unable to wriggle out of invitations by blaming public transport.
  • Because everybody knows exactly where you are.


km said...

Mid-day nookies?

Say what?

dipali said...

Sounds mostly good:)

??! said...

Very bad no? (blushes)

It mostly is.

brinda said...

You put on four kilos in two months. And you put this under benefits. And then you REPEAT the point. You don't want to win any popularity contests, do you? (Just so you know, four kilos is what I put on if I stay away from the gym for two days. Hmph!)

Anki said...

i think u r the man of my dreams

we will get married

shyam said...

what be nookies? What does it IMPLY? :)

km said...

No, no, it's very good. What astounds me is that you used the plural form :D

Szerelem said...

So much hate coming your way. Because you *want* to put on four kilos (or probably maybe even more?!). I mean, dude, wtf.

??! said...

Shall we just say it's...ahem...not something you'd try at office? Or atleast, if you were doing it at office, it's not something you'd like to be walked in on, while doing it.

I see. Lekin thodi na sab ek hi mid-day mein hote hain.

Awww. First The Bride, now you. We should have open contest.

brinda/szer/any others:
Look, some people need to put on some weight. And considering how much some people need to eat just to maintain their existing weight*, then any such gain is a fortunate and happy occasion indeed.

* (Brinda) I can lose two kilos if I skip breakfast three days in a row. 'Snot funny.

Szerelem said...

I can lose two kilos if I skip breakfast three days in a row.

I repeat - WTF????????!!!!!!!!!

??! said...

Whaaaaat? You think this is good??

brinda said...

(answering for szerelem *and* for me) yes!!! you have NO idea how good! :-)