Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

Even if you didn't want to, you get to know more about me.
(Warning: This may or may not be true)

On Wednesday evenings, I play 'Bouncer Bouncer' at a nearby pub.

Don't be fooled. The weekends may have the larger crowds, and the noisier ones, but Wednesday nights are more dangerous. After all, somebody who's determined to get seriously drunk in the middle of the week (despite two more working days to go), is somebody you really want to keep an eye on.

It can be....interesting.


Space Bar said...

right. i typed out a whole comment but it was way too innuendous so i changed my mind.


??! said...

Nooooo! Cannot delete innuendo-laden comments. What is this, sudden desire to maintain reputation?

And play. Because it wouldn't be my regular job. :)

NightWatchmen said...

Heh....most pubs I know have Wednesday night drinks on the house for the gals. So I guess you might not be all that unique in your play or your *ahem* jobs of an irregular nature.

Wednesday nights are more dangerous.

Dangerous for whom precisely, the crowd that comes to the pubs eh due to your bouncing around!!!

Space Bar said...

no no. it was just unfunny. something about one of those kiddy-school songs made salacious. out in the garden each fine day.

??! said...

I suspect all cities/country have their own guidelines. It tends to be Thursdays here - although they don't discriminate. They try and get young lads as drunk as they can, too.

Oh well, then.