Manual of Life - Alternative Definition

n., The feeling you get when you realise that the city you once called home has changed, not caring that you weren't around while it did, and didn't even bother to let you know.

The moment of discovery is usually reached by the absence or modication of a minor (yet comfortingly familiar) detail of life in the city, e.g., the Chinese food stall which stands in place of the local gola-wallah, or the silence which fills the evening spot during which the bheeeeeeeeeeeeeejaaaaa-kaleji wallah used to flaunt his wares.

* Prompted by this post by The Bride.


The Bride said...

Or maybe it is us that betrayed the city by leaving and not seeing it through adolescence.
But I prefer your version of events.

??! said...

I was trying to avoid mentioning that version. Now you did. But you don't like it, so that's ok.