I gave my life to death,
that part of me that ached
with having to live,
simply to die.

My fear,
I threw before death;
that part of me that lay frozen
at the terror of it all

And my death,
I laid rest for death;
that part of me that worried
how and when this flight
would fail.

And the words
have slowly slunk back,
now that there is but one death
for me to die,
and so many lives to live till then.


km said...

Ah, so you are a white-knuckled flyer?

??! said...

No no, one is a sit-back-and-pick-up-book flyer.

elekhni.com said...

Nice! Beautifully written. Somehow this reminds me of Emily Dickinson..

lekhni said...

But if we have many lives, does it also not follow that we have many deaths? Okay, I am being pedantic here :)

??! said...

Not if I have many personalities ;)

And thanks.

spark said...

just LOVED it.....i swear i did!!!!

??! said...

merci, mon ami.

spark said...

No seriously.......its very difficult to convey an emotion without ambiguity.....u know...where words mean more than one thing at a time.....
this few lines u wrote just happened to give a 'form' to some half-baked unstructured feeling/thought that many might harbour within themselves....knowingly/unknowingly.....
keep it flowing buddy..:)