Quip du Jour

It was a literal case of the sheets hitting the fans.
- Andrew Miller (Cricinfo)*

* Referring to corrugated iron rooftops
flying off and hurting spectators during the Eng/SL Test in Kandy.


km said...

And if this unfortunate incident were to occur again, it would be a case of "same sheet, different day".

Space Bar said...

oh, groan, km. all that tepid tea/coffee is not good for you. go visit bade mian or whoever!

??! said...

heh...and when the old pillars saw all the friskiness, they just shook resignedly and went, "We're too old for these sheets".

Tabula Rasa said...

oh so you're now in calcutta?

??! said...

ummm. whaaat?

Puppy Manohar said...

Bad Pun 1:

So, when it was discovered that the sheets were riddled with holes, did the officials say "Holey Sheet!"?

Bad Pun 2:

When they finally got around to clearing that mess, did the supervisor yell to the manual labourers - "Pull Sheet!" ?


Puppy M

Bad Pun 3:

One pillar to another : "I can't take this sheet any more!"

unpredictable said...

This PuppyManohar boy ... I like ya!

That Armchair Philosopher said...

hahaha, brilliant quote.

@puppym - ye gads! you sound exactly like someone I know.