Fantasy blogger quiz teams

4-5 person teams. Identified from one's known circle of bloggers. Teams selected to cover as wide a range of knowledge on a subject as possible, and chosen on the basis of publicly-revealed knowledge and interests. The specialities listed indicate the blogger's strongest (perceived) niches - others in the team may also know stuff from those categories.

If you think you deserve a mention, then you should have blogged about it. And if you have, and it's still not reflected here, then obviously one has gone through your archives properly. ehh...it's a Friday. Tough shit. Places open for last two categories.

Falstaff - Classical Music/Art/Literature
Roswitha - Sport/20th century films and music
TR - History/Business/Travel/Science/Beverages
Pri - TV/Celebrity/Pop culture
??! - Trivia/Food
Punkster - Religion/Science/Gaming/Comics
Scout - TV/Pop culture/Music
Szerlem - History/Food/Travel

Falstaff - Western Classical
TR - Blues/jazz/classic rock
OTP - Bollywood/modern pop
Scout - Indie/New Age/other shite
Flaffy - Pop/South Indian films/Indian classical (?)
Pri - Pop, Hindi/South Indian films
KM - Classic rock/jazz/Indie

Falstaff - Poetry/Modern novels
??! - SF&F/Detective
Space Bar - Children's/Art/Crime/SF&F/Poetry
places open - Asian authors; Travel; Science; Business

Pri - Bollywood/South Indian
Space Bar - Arthouse/World Cinema
Roswitha - Hollywood
places still open - Sci-Fi; Thrillers; Horror; Comedy
OTP - Bollywood
Falstaff - Arthouse/World Cinema


Space Bar said...

books, i'm major sf&f! (you'll have to trawl the archives, though). And crime. including early 20th c. bah! i'm the queen of genre fic.

??! said...

oi oi oi! Good stuff. Updated.

Space Bar said...

and i don't feature in poetry?!

??! said...

why don't we just make you the team? ;)

Space Bar said...

no no. i'm too self-effacing and shy for that.

Szerelem said...

Whatz only a stanbye? :(

In actuality am most amused to see my name....if there was a ME/Turkey category I'd own it all by myself :P

??! said...

Now, now. Cannot be like that. How you will make loud hooting noises and gloat over (losing, always losing) rival teams?

Heheheh...soooooo true.

Renovatio said...

There's no 'obsession with his own car' category?

Pri said...

you no like my poems? have you heard the one about mrs ravat? it was all the rage in the 7th grade.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

OOOO religion/science/gaming! I'm seriously psyched!

scout said...

ten comments and no one's done the whole but *I* want sf&f! clearly *I'm * the one you want! Me! Me! Me!

Fine, I call dibs on Comedy (Movies). I just saw O Brother for the third time last night, surely that counts?

Damn, we're in a tight spot. :D

Anki said...


Tabula Rasa said...

I just saw O Brother for the third time last night

rofl! i renewed the o brother dvd for eleven consecutive weeks at my local public library. would have gone on doing so but some misbegotten so and so (i curse his name) put a hold on it. the dvd was back on the shelf the week after, with a brand new sticker that said NO RENEWALS.

no science quizzing? me and my partner used to own that category back in the day.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

oooh, now all we need is a regular quiz in each category. plus, whatever happened to technology/science quizzes?

echoes TR .. "me and my partner(s) used to own that category" :D

??! said...

Please to try Mastermind. Heh.

Hehehe...everybody needs a smile once in a while no?

Done. Yours.

Umm...what category though?

Did one not put you down for science? My bad. Science it is (in General).

Yes, one did consider this...but lack of awareness of blogger-specialities hampered it.

??! said...

One might consider the quiz idea - but we would require Declarations of Honesty on the part of all participants.

??! said...

You did not just mention OBWAT. It had been watched by moi about...11 times.

TR may still beat one, though...11 weeks?! Man, give others a chance.

* This blog is a geographical oddity...2 clicks from everywhere.

Tabula Rasa said...

just to demonstrate that the eleven weeks were not wasted, it should be "ain't this blog a geographical oddity" :-D
oh, and i claim bonus points for using that scene to make a point in class.

??! said...

you sho' nailed that one.

scout said...

O brother is sci fi? did i miss something? damn i'm in a tight spot.

scout said...

adn the sf&f mention was me tryign to make a point. most of that first sentence should've been in quotes, jusss to make it clear.

sci fi aur main? kabhi nahin. i hvnt even seen star wars.

??! said...

oh.ah. doggone it.

??! said...

but as for the Comedy, that's still up for grabs.

Pri said...

um hello we're hilarious.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Why am I a standbye?


And where is your comics/graphic novels category? I call first dibs for it (if it gets included).

??! said...

And that has what to do with quizzing?

Doesn't take long for people to go from 'seriously pysched' to 'only standbye', huh?

Ooh...comics...you can have that.

Pri said...

you said comedy was still up for grabs fool!

??! said...

the Comedy specialisation for a Films quiz. doofus.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

ooh, complete honesty. surely thats something which this morally upstanding group of bloggers would adhere to?



Pri said...

what no general funny category? make one. i want to be in it. also when are we starting these quizes? im bored at work. and it's raining. and i just ran out of the good coffee. i might need to go upstairs and get more office coffee. but gross.

scout said...

i swear i'm good with comedy movies. promise. see, i've even written about some of them:

o brother, hot fuzz, clueless?, monty python, priceless, starter for ten, snatch, lock stock, zoolander - i mean, like GOB would say, "COME on!" see i even quoted arrested development. ab toh pakka.

scout said...

and TR says I'm like George Nelson.

Eolande said...

Good for people to know.