Friday Food Fiesta*

One shall press on with this idea, because sometimes structure is good.

If you do try it, reactions would be welcome. Ditto for any modifications to given recipe. If you would like specific meal types/ingredients to be featured, ask and one shall try and comply.

Crunchy Stir-Fry
Time needed:
Preparation, 5 minutes.
Cooking, 5-7 minutes.

Keep Ready:
Olive oil, or butter.
Garlic, few cloves, sliced.
Broccoli, medium chunks.
Baby corn, halves.
Tomato, quarters.
Mushrooms, variety of choice, sliced/quartered/other shapes.
Firm tofu (alternative = medium-soft paneer)
Oregano, black pepper, salt.
Lemon juice.
Grated cheese of choice (Gruyere or Parmesan suggested)

Heat the oil or butter on a slow-heat, add the garlic and wait till it just starts to go brown. Turn up to medium-heat, add the broccoli and corn, and sauté for about 2 minutes. Add the seasoning, turn up to high-heat, then add the tofu, mushrooms, and tomatoes and sauté till mushrooms just start to release water. Take off the stove, squeeze lemon and add cheese. Mix well, serve hot.

What's nice about it:
The mix of natural flavours, the colourfulness, and the crunchiness of the dish. It's a delicately seasoned dish, but the flavours come from the ingredients themselves.

Many people don't like broccoli, but in reality, a lot of them just think they won't like it, having never tried it themselves, and drawing their impressions from too many American serials where the poor vegetable is derided. When cooked rightly (just long enough for it to be actually cooked, without losing its crunchiness) it's got a wonderfully strong flavour, which in this dish is offset well by the blandness of tofu, the sweetness of baby corn, and the unique flavour of the mushrooms. The tomatoes add a piquantness, and also crucially, save the dish from being too dry. The lemon juice and the cheese are the final kickers, because they blend really well with the oregano.

Focus on:
1) Equal proportion of ingredients. Don't have too much of one item, or it will overpower the rest.
2) Try getting different varieties of mushrooms, not just the button ones, though those will do well too.
3) Keeping it crunchy. Don't cook the broccoli too fast, or it will go soggy. Cook them so any germs are killed, but don't let them go gloopy.
4) Don't stir too much. Just occasionally, to mix in the seasoning.
5) Big pieces.

* Don't mock - it's alliterative. You got a better name?


Revealed said...

OK, this I will do. I have a variation on the theme but being naturally open-minded I will give this a try :D

And Friday Food Fiesta??? Woman!! *shakes her head sadly and walks away in despair*

??! said...

Oi! Come up with a better title, Miss-I'm-Good-With-Names-Coz-I'm-A-Scientist.

Pri said...

when do i add the chicken?

Pri said...

also the word 'blanch' figures nowhere in the recipe.
i am very saddened by this.

??! said...

if you want chicken, make sure it's a boneless piece. slices of breast would be ideal. just sear them on the pan as your first step, then remove, and mix in later with the tofu and mushrooms. Alternatively, coat lightly with cajun spice or allspice, and grill them, then mix in with the rest as a last step.

no blanching - is crunch-crunch.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

"Friday Food Fiesta"???

Now I don't feel so utterly ashamed about the cringeworthiness of Monday Munches after all.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

And before you penalize me for the snark, I have to add that this recipe looks wonderful and doable. Really.

??! said...

ok,ok. the title sucks. somebody throw a lifeline here. and thank you.

Revealed said...

Umm how about A Million Ways to Spend Time in the Kitchen?