Right then, let's be having your names.

Own up if you've been snorting away on the cacao, or generally acting like this.

Ringleader is BM, one assumes?

One day later:
What? Nobody's a chocoholic? Strange bunch of people.


Revealed said...

Ahem. *I* would be the leader of this particular ring. I even started a series of posts on chocolate reviews. Didn't go very far. Like a ton of other stuff that I start. Wonder if there's a connection. Hmm. Weird.

Anansi said...

dark chocolate
mint chocolate
hazelnut chocolate...

??! said...

sorry, baba. and what happened to those posts then?

and dark truffle chocolate.
cherry liquer chocolate.
irish cream chocolate.

Pri said...

i will eat almost anything with hazelnut
lindt pistachio
lindt wafer
white chocolate - the expensive kind. not like milkybar.
srilankan chocolate is good too. who would've thought? i cant remember the brand name but there's this one srilankan choc that has lots of nuts and just the right amount of sweetness.
i hate most american chocolates. too sweet. and i hate anything with peanut butter and caramel.
i love bounty. although its like the pakkad mane angdi coconut barfi with chocolate.
indian nutties [only the small pack. the gift packs look exciting but they're not the same.]
and regular old toblerone, esp if it was bought at a dutyfree shop

i hate hersheys with a passion
i hate any sort of box chocolate esp with cream filling. ugh.

does anyone remember break chocolate?

??! said...

hello to here.
with you about american chocs - you should try the british ones.with you with the peanut butter too.

Revealed said...

There's this Brazilian dark chocolate and once you've tasted it, dark chocolate will never be the same again. They used to sell it at this corner store next to my old lab and I used to buy up bars and hoard them. This is exactly why I hate shifting jobs :( sides the fact that now I'm poor and grumpy all the time). The Reviews are still in the pipeline. Slacker, I am! I disgust Me!

@pri: Maybe I should ask you to help write the Reviews :D.

Pri said...

@revealed: yes yes. i assume one would have to do lots of sampling. and it will be fall soon. one can always pile on the sweaters to hide any side effects. when do i start?

Revealed said...

@pri: Sampling on your own cash, we're saddened to say. All Chockie Reviewers are Strictly Hired on Voluntary Basis. You can start as of Now.