Principles and all that

Sometimes it helps to take a stand. Nice polished oak ones, preferably, on which friends can deposit their little berets and tophats while dropping in for tea and scones. If one were in an 1930s MGM production, that is.


Like one mentioned earlier, sometimes we need to just take a view and stick to it. Not always, mind you. After all, flexibility is a wonderful characteristic (Just ask the people at Cirque de Soleil...Ok, sorry, no more asides). But once in a while, it helps to stiffen the moral spine and keep to one point of view, one goal, no matter how tempting the alternative may be.

Now one loves Get Shorty, and Rain Man. One also likes Collateral, Pulp Fiction, Minority Report, Grease, and Vanilla Sky.

But one does not like Scientology. Because who the heck wants another brainwashing, intimidating, secretive, weird-ideas-spreading organisation?

And so....brave chest forward and all...one has resolved not to watch any film that headlines, co-stars, or has a decent-sized part involving the Cruise, the Travolta*, or any of their deluded friends.

Not in theatres, not as rentals, not even as TV re-runs. They ain't getting any money from one, not through tickets, or through royalties that rental firms or TV channels have to pay them. That much less for them to spend on harassing sceptics.

And yes, its a token gesture, a small fist against an uncaring tornado, but it's one's fist. Besides, every drop of phenolphthalein takes you closer to the pink colour.

This is one's stand, and one is sticking to it.....for now.
You wanna join?

* Not every film with them in it. Not yet, anyway. Is okay if they have teensy-weensy role. Otherwise one would not get to watch a whole bunch of films. After all, there's Principles, and then there's principles.


Revealed said...

You *don't* want another brainwashing, intimidating, secretive, weird-ideas-spreading organisation?????

What is wrong with you, sistah? *looks appalled and backs away slowly*

I once vowed to never see any film that had stars that endorsed any skin-whitening product. Sigh. I was once so young, so angry.

??! said...

Secretive, weird-ideas-spreading - yes. Brainwashing - no thank you.

Also, quitter.

zap said...

what about that other nutcase Mel Gibson then?

??! said...

Right, one set of idiots at a time. If one started to disavow all misogynistic, anti-Semitic, racial, drug-abusing, wife-beating, paedophhilic actors/actresses - one would be left with....Matt Damon? hmmmmmmmm...

??! said...

and where are one's manners? hello, and welcome.

zap said...

you're right, you're right.. but this is your cause isn't it? And yes where are our manners: hello there!