If this becomes a regular feature, a title will be needed. Alternatively, if it has a nice enough title*, one might consider making it regular. Do suggest.

Recipes for the weekend basically**. Not basic stuff, not randomly exotic, certainly no body parts just for the sake of it, but certainly a bit experimental. Type/style will be largely mood-dependent. Other key words - Comforting. Easy-to-prepare. Not for those on diet.

Today's offering*** -

Red fruits in a wine sauce

Keep Ready:
Raspberries, handful.
Halved strawberries, handful.
Demerera sugar, sprinkling, but only if fruits aren't sweet enough.
Fresh mint leaves, couple.
A medium-dry red wine, glassful. Or more.
Cinnamon powder.
Plain vanilla ice-cream.

Put fruit in pan and heat on medium till they just start to liquidise (the raspberries should 'pop' a bit). Add the cinnamon, mint, wine, sugar (optional, see above), put on simmer for about 5 minutes just till you can smell the cinnamon and mint, then bring to boil quickly.

Serve on dessert plate, with ice-cream.

Alternatively, let it cool completely, put in a dessert glass, pour thick cream on top, and chill (not freeze) till it sets.

What's nice about it:
The cinnamon and mint provide a lovely contrast to each other, while the wine mixes with the fruits to give this beautiful red colour. If you have it warm, it also reminds you just how lovely plain vanilla ice-cream can be.

Focus on:
1) Making sure its a medium red - a dry one just won't have the body this dish needs, and a sweet would take away from the natural taste of the fruits.
2) Do not heat the fruits on their own too much, or they'll taste burnt. And don't stir too much - you don't want them to break up, you want whole chunks of them.

* Friday Feast is too cheesy a title. Any other suggestions welcome. But must have kick.
** One considered putting it up on Mondays, after experimenting on the weekend, but this way you can try it out too. And then you'll have the whole weekend to write all the nice comments you want (no nasties).
*** Please note all subtle foodie phrase-ology...one is soooo hilarious. Sigh


Revealed said...


the wannabe indian punkster said...

I was gunning for Monday Munches, but you shot down the Monday bit (banal pun not intended). Hmpf.

But in all honesty, 'monday muches' blasts away all vestiges of 'coolness', putting it firmly in cringe-inducing schmaltz territory.

Oh well, I tried.

the wannabe indian punkster said...


Gah, I need caffeine.

??! said...

are you just going to drool, or will you ever try any of these ideas?

one's fault perhaps for suggesting alliterative title. and we ALL need caffeine.

Revealed said...

Sigh. I was born lazy. So I live vicariously. What to do we? We are like this only. :D

j. said...

you need pictures with this. after that, you can become an e-Nigella Lawson.

??! said...

zat is eenteresting idea. shall be mulling over it.

Revealed said...

So did it work? How good was it? Give me the details.

??! said...

oh this one was from earlier effort. instead, one ate a chocolate dessert which was yum, and included -
choc brownies and muffins, crunch biscuits, milk and white chocolate chunks, chocolate fudge sauce, dark chocolate mousse and cream.

oooooh, yes!

Revealed said...

Jeez. Do you by any chance need a roomie?

??! said...

what, and share all that? nuh-uh. get your own chocolate overload.

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