Oh give it a rest

There's inventing words, and then there's being a silly doof-ass (patent pending (not really)).

From an article on the e-Chicago Sun Times*. Please to be noticing seemed-like-a-trendy-idea word in second line.

"In the first new half-hour, the only ingested items are booze, prescription pills and Tylenol with codeine. In an upcoming episode, Nancy's frien-emy Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) goes on her politician's rant -- "Drugs are wrong! ... I'm a crusader!" -- while stumbling drunk in the streets."

Wow. Three extra letters were so much of a hassle? How do you even pronounce that "word"- fray-nay-me? fren-ami?

What utter shittishness (another not-patented-but-would-appreciate-if-one-was-credited-when-it's-used-by-others)

* A review of a new show called Weeds. One hasn't seen it, doesn't plan to (mostly because it stars one of the 'Orrendous Olsens), but one is reading anything to stop thinking about beating up stupid cricket administrators.


Brown Magic said...

frenemy (which is how i thought they spelled it) has been around for ages. it is a popular colloquialism. Kinda like "truthiness".

Ever seen mean girls? those girls are frenemies. and nothing else captures that relationship quite as well.

??! said...

It's still stupid. Highly stupid.

Brown Magic said...

aww does someone have the monday morning grumps? would you like a chocolate chip muffin?

(i offer you a muffin to seem friendly but really i would like you to get fat so i can look better in comparision - this is a TOTAL frenemy move)

??! said...

Ahh, now there you've already lost.
One will eat your muffin, your bagel, your douhgnut, your crumpet, your crisps, your chips, your burritos, your hot dogs - and one will burn it off after taking six deep breaths.
One wins. Mwahahahahahaha!

Revealed said...

Oooooh double chocolate chip. Gimme gimme gimme. I'll be your frenemy for life. Pinky promise and all.

Brown Magic said...

skinny bitches. one wants nothing to do with either of you, or any of your kind.

??! said...

awwwww....but you have So Very Long Legs. Not good enough?

Brown Magic said...

merely an illusion. hmmph. wonderful my monday is going.

Chronicus Skepticus said...

You're a skinny bitch?



??! said...

hey! no abusing one's genes!