Hard love

you are

as you
so often profess
you are,

how dare you
keep using phrases such
as my life?

is ours,
is mine.
Get used to it.


Brown Magic said...

my that's a tad creepy.

??! said...

isn't it just.

Brown Magic said...

:) i am bored and i dont have anything to blog about. suggestions?

??! said...

Your foody likes/dislikes.
Weird people in your office.
Weird conversations with people in your office.
The worst place/ trip you've ever been to/on.
A story about Pippy, the hippy purple turtle.

Revealed said...

I want story on Pippy, the hippy purple turtle. One feels one would adore Pippy.

Also like eeewwwwwwly saccharine (and *that*, m'dear, is hard love).

IdeaSmith said...

Ah, some unabashed possessiveness/ obsession/ negative emotion. At last! I'm fed up of people waxing eloquent about their indifference.

??! said...

oh we're quite unabashed. Welcome to the party.