Guide to Blogging - Blogger Rights

* You have the right to blog anonymously. Anything you blog about can and will possibly be used against you in real life. You have the right to your thoughts. If you cannot find any thoughts, you will have to rely on your own idiocy when you blog publicly.

* You do not have the right to plagiarise, but you may link to and refer to other blogs.

* You have the right to be curious about anonymous bloggers. You have the right to make assumptions, but do not expect your assumptions to be close to the truth. You can try and work out details of their other lives and their identities, but you do not have the right to demand such details. If they have been known to offer the same to others, you may also request the same.

* You have the right to have expectations of blogs and bloggers. If you do, you are more than likely to surprised by who they are, what they write about, and how they write.

* You have the right to read blogs without commenting. However, bloggers who allow posting do certainly appreciate a comment.

* You have the right to comment on blogs anonymously. Anything you say may or may not be responded to by the blogger. You have the right to type freely, but not to abuse. You cannot hold the blogger responsible for not knowing when it's you who is specifically commenting anonymously, if you have already commented before, unless there is a clearly established way of determining which anonymous commenter you are.

* You have the right to be paranoid about blogs, blogging, bloggers, and anonymity.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog and yes everyone has a right to be anonymous.It is a great state of being as well, being anonymous, anonymous, anonymous,its a nice word too.

??! said...

oooh, an admirer! (besides Flaffy of course, who is very nice). one is thrilled.
It is a nice word.

Brown Magic said...

yes yes, muchly on that last point. loads of paranoia.

??! said...

the sign of a healthy and active mind.
ps. We are still watching you. Mwahhahahaha.

Anonymous said...

I blog anonymously too, I have one work related blog where people know who I am. But my ‘real blog’ is “my other life” and “identity”.
Your Anonymous admirer (cheesy as hell!)

Anonymous said...

Sigh but why do I never get nony admirers? Huh? Huh? Pfft and Hmmph!


??! said...

But one is there na?

once again said...

:-) me first time here, definitely comin back for more :D



??! said...

welcome. one sees that the points resonate on your blog too. eeeenteresting.