It is being a sullen, grey day. Not the kind that feels awash with the expectation of a sharp shower-burst, nor the kind that sweeps across with a crispy tang, nor even the deep gloominess that leads to incessant cravings of a hot drink and greasy fried stuff.

No, it's just being a sluggish day. And all of one's thoughts are conspiring with one's fingers to play hooky. So, instead of talking about names (and how people are obsessed about them), or about a couple of really daft articles that were read, one shall serve -

The GROPY dish.*
Main stuff:
Garlic and ginger, small bits, chopped
Red onion, sliced finely
Carrot, medium, diced.
Beans, green, sliced.
Yellow and red peppers, sliced **.
Asparagus, big chunks.
Mushrooms, sliced
Prawns, peeled
Spring onion greens, chopped
Soya sauce, sweet chilli sauce, salt, sesame seeds, oregano, green Tabasco sauce.

-> Fry garlic and ginger briefly in oil at medium heat, add red onions, continue frying till soft.
-> Add beans, carrots, asparagus, soya + sweet chilli sauce (1 tbsp each should do). Stir fry for two minutes.
-> Add prawns, cook for about five-seven minutes (or till done).
-> Add mushrooms, peppers, spring onions, salt, sesame, oregano. Stir fry till mushrooms just start releasing water.
-> Stop.
-> Add a tinge of green Tabasco sauce, and serve - on its own, or with plain rice.

The colours themselves are worth it.

Variation 1 - Ditch the asparagus, use green peppers instead.
Variation 2 - Ditch the mushrooms, put baby spinach leaves.

* Green, Red, Orange, Pink, Yellow (well, it was either that, or PORGY).
** Red peppers only if using orange carrots - not those sweet red carrots


The Cloudcutter said...

I'm sorry if I pissed you off...I did not mean to pry...I meant any name...Just difficult to call someone ??!....anyway no problem, this is fine.

??! said...

tchah. was not personal - 'twas but a general response, everybody's been going on about it.

The Cloudcutter said...

Yes I got the drift. I figured you must get that a lot...Still, I just wanted to apologise for myself.

??! said...

accepted. hush now.