Since one has been asked for recipes

Ze summer-wine-drink.

by proportion...
Medium-dry red, 1 glass.
Fine sugar, 1 tbsp.
Juice of ze lemon, 1 tbsp.
Mint leaves, in abundance.
Ice cubes, several.

Dissolve sugar in lemon juice. Chuck ice-cubes in ze blender, spin for 5 seconds so as to roughly crush. Add the wine, sugared juice, half the leaves, and blend again - but do not let the ice go too fine.

Remove, pour, garnish with fresh mint. Drink, and chill.

One could also freeze, and serve as a sorbet. Remove the mint before freezing though...eating leaves is no fun.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh but how mouthwatering :)


??! said...

One is pleased she approves.

Scritch said...

this is strange blog indeed. so mysterious, i'm able to voyeur my way around if there is such a word.

??! said...

oh you're welcome to do so. we all do.