3 bananas, medium-firm.
Cinnamon, little.
Rum, 4 tbsp.
Brandy, equal measure.
Orange juice, glassful.

Bananas are sliced up-to-down, then midway, giving.....yes, you're right, clap clap....four pieces! Place in tray, sprinkling the cinnamon, pour booze, booze, and juice. Coat properly, but do keep banana unmashed. Bake, 190 degrees, 15 minutes.

Surprisingly delightful.


Revealed said...

Gosh that sounds delish.

??! said...

Zank you. Modified version of a recipe from one of my favourite recipe books.
Does thou want more?

Anonymous said...

Oooooh yes please.


wiseling said...

One seconds that.
My cooking-retarded self, even, is super tempted and invisible forces are dragging me towards a banana-full kitchen.

??! said...

one is glad at least two people like. everybody else tends to give one looks of horror.