Friday Fun: Food Fiesta

It's been a while, na?  And it's winter, when cooking offers you the excuse to warm up in a nice cosy kitchen. So what better time to resume?  


Ravishing Red Salad

Time required:
About 10 minutes.

Keep ready (to serve 4 people):
3 plump winter carrots
One small pomegranate
One medium beetroot
Sumac, powdered
Salt & pepper

Grate the carrots, remembering to remove the woody whitish-yellow bit in the centre. Parboil and grate the beetroot. Peel and mix in the pomegranate seeds. Sprinkle liberally with sumac. Add a touch of pepper and salt.

Serve at room temperature.

Why you should try this:

Simply for the sheer vividness of this dish on a dull winter's day, which is guaranteed to make your life feel just a tad brighter.  The deep almost-purpleness of the beet, mixed with the glistening ruby pearls of the pomegranate, all overlaid by the rich bright redness of the carrots, heightened by the specks of burgundy sumac.  It is truly a sight for sore eyes.

Plus, it tastes yummy (sweet, with a hint of sour) and is super-nutritious to boot.

You could try adding some red peppers, red cabbage, or watermelon.  The first two if you're adamant about having a bit of crunch, the last if you've got a Mediterranean thing going or are craving some fruit.  

They all go with the base ingredients, and they bring in a whole new colour as well.

However, I really wouldn't add red onions, red radishes, or any 'red' lettuce.  It just makes the thing get too pungent or too chewy. 


km said...

> Parboil, sumac

As in Scrabble, you can't just make up words.

//really, what on earth is "sumac" and how is it powdered?

??! said...

Sumac is this wonderfully tart ... spice I guess ... made from these little berries you find across the Med. It tastes a bit like a mix of kokum and the round red bor you get in India. You should be able to find it at any place that stocks stuff like harissa or biber.

I've been hooked onto it since the day I discovered it. Try it in scrambled eggs!

Just don't parboil it :P

Space Bar said...

Sumac is awesome. In winter, I prefer radishes though. Lemon juice, salt, pepper and fresh green chilis with nearly no seeds.