Manual of Life - Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained #25

1. Land up in India.

2. Put on your most innocent, cheddar-wouldn't-melt-in-your-mouth face.

3. Head out into the public and find a suitably overcrowded location. Bonus points if it is an sweaty-armpits-and-chameli-oiled-heads environment.

4. Gradually ease your way politely into the centre.

5. Summon up your best AmrishPuri-in-Nagina voice to proclaim "Alakh Niranjan".

6. Wait till crowd realises it was you, and yell it out again to see them start once more.

7. Smile serenely (with a hint of latent pyschopath) into the growing space around you, while ignoring loud clamour.


Space Bar said...

Good plan. Tell me you did this.

Roy said...

post a vid of it

??! said...

Space: Modified version - amongst unsuspecting, crowding friends. Equally hilarious.

Roy: For us fogies, viral means illness ;)

km said...

I'm not familiar with the said film but reciting an Amrish Puri line from "Temple of Doom" will make you *globally* famous.

??! said...

"I'm not familiar with the said film"
What what? Sridevi as a snake! How could you not kno... oh wait. Reptiles. Yeah ok, you're off the hook.

Also, now I'm seriously tempted to go out and demand that bali :)