Friday Fact/Fiction

(Some of this is true. Or not.)

For the last three years, I haven't posted on this blog because:

a) I decided to travel this world I find myself in, and decided to spend most of my earnings traipsing across the Andes, sub-Saharan Africa, the Central Asian 'Stans, and the Asean countries. I was usually so exhilarated and bewildered by the various trips, that I needed time to assimilate them at leisure on my return. Blogging about those experiences in the brief interludes of rest felt so ... bleh.

b) I began staring at words and could not recognise them anymore. The whole concept of language broke down. I had to seek therapy. This is my guilty fix.

c) I discovered a little ashram in the countryside and decided to spend some time there to fully understand who I really was. I farmed a bit, meditated a bit, stared at the scenery a lot. I once spent 47 days without talking.  I think they used to slip me drugs in the food. I managed to get away after I found myself cuddling a fern.

d) Too many people began to come close to finding out who I was, which got uncomfortable, and I also found myself following and commenting on blogs written by people I knew and then having to pretend when I met them in person, which just got weird.

e) I got into protest movements. One of them got ugly. The lackeys of the capitalist overlords decided to target me, forcing me to go on the run. I was eventually caught. The next few months were ... not nice.

f) Too many changes in life happened. Blogging was the last thing on my mind.

g) I no longer knew what I wanted to blog about. When I made up my mind about that, writer's block happened. I had to seek therapy.  This is my rejuvenation.

Either way, my poppets ... I'm back.


Space Bar said...

Welcome back! The dark side has acquired some colours but don't let that stop you.

» sahil said...

Hello! I can't remember if I've ever commented on your posts before but I distinctly recollect liking them.

??! said...

Space, as always, you warmth humbles me. Thank you.

The Bride said...

It's strange to see you resurrected like this, but hello anyway.

PS: I moved my blog to wordpress.

Space Bar said...

:-) And then you have all wistful posts.

??! said...

Bride: You don't know how much stranger it feels to be on this side. Especially when discovering things like you have two kids now! Shouldn't you now be The Momma Bride?

(and thanks for the update - I was wondering how to find you)

Space: It's all the fault of that fern ;)

Brinda said...

Oh my god! I wished -- and I got. Lovely to see you back. Now I'll be off to wish for a few zillion rupees, world peace and such like mundane things.

??! said...

Yay! You're back too! I was wondering how to entice you back, given you (STILL) have no blog.