Manual of Life - Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained #21

1. Take 10 steel pins. Or 20, if you are particularly bored.

2. Squeeze the top third of the index finger of one hand between the thumb and middle finger (of the same hand), so that the fleshy underside bulges out.

3. Carefully insert one pin through the outermost part of that bulge so that it just pierces the skin, but not the flesh.

4. Slide the pin through, so that equal parts of it are visible on either side of the flap of skin (which is holding the pin in place), so that it looks as if you've stuck the pin through your finger.

5. Repeat for all the other fingers, and thumbs.

6. Go waving it about and freak everybody out/become a demi-god in the eyes of children.

7. The toes come next, if you're very bored.


Tabula Rasa said...


DewdropDream said...

HAHAHAHA!!! OR you could try turning your eyelids up.

Although if you wear contact lenses then the freaker will be you. But you won't be bored, that's for sure.

Roy said...

tried it, more often than not the buggers start to cry and then your aunt gives you a "wtf you freak" look!

Space Bar said...

have you tried doing the breaking a thumb one? (just how jobless are you now that you've done with the india posts?!)

km said...

That eyelid trick is just wrong. Still spooks me out.

The Bride said...

You really are bored! And yeah, the eyelid one is mroe freaky.

??! said...

You get cookies. Ask BM for them.

With KM on this one - that used to freak me out so bad. Brrrrr.

Hahahaha. Well, you need new nieces/nephews.

Aye aye, but you have to catch them really young for that to work nowadays.

Oho, and you want to give me assignments, kya? Or should I go back to depressing posts?

Whaaat? Just trying to help out others who may be bored.

Space Bar said...

i want recipes. that's what i want. tomorrow is friday, so you have ample time to think something up.

DewdropDream said...

Gee! I think I must be the odd one here, the eyelid thing didn't freak me out as such, I always thought 'yeah you can turn your eyelids up. Okay. Freaky, but whatever.'

And I'm with Space Bar on this: recipes. Please?

brinda said...

Are you taking requests for recipes? Something vegetarian please. Or something sweet. There. That should keep you from poking pins into your fingers and toes. (And yes, urrrggghh! the eyelid trick ought to be banned)

??! said...

Ok ok. Had no idea was so much in demand.

Although, it's a good thing. I have been lazy with experimenting of late. Maybe that's an idea - try out one new recipe a month (or three weeks), fiddle around with it, and put it up. You want?

DewdropDream said...


brinda said...

yes of course. but that means you're getting out of your friday food thing. (you thought we wouldn't notice? hah!!)

Espèra said...

Lol.I've tried this out so many times.It freaks adults out.:P