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Made for each other

A couple that simultaneously bursts into tears at the end of this montage.
Every single time.

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km said...

Am I the *only* person on this planet who hasn't yet seen "Up"?

Shyam said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! :( :(

I'm not sure I want to see "Up". now :(

??! said...

There are a couple of Inuit up near the Pole too :)

The rest of the film is quite action action.

brinda said...

Shyam, you haven't seen Up either??? You and km -- disgraceful! Watch at once, both of you. There's a round little boy in it who is totally sweet. And a vicious bird and crazy dogs. Much fun -- except for the soppy bits...

The Bride said...

Ok I was one of those who bawled. While V looked at me and laughed. So clearly NOT made for each other. I would have appreciated at least a tissue.

Space Bar said...

km: no you're not. :-)

and am i the only one who finds pixar getting unforgivably sentimental as time goes by?

??! said...

All those too.

The Bride:
You should've just used his shirt.

Quite right. This one tried all the tricks, and towards the end, some of it was a little overdone.

The whole film itself was...ok. But this little clip stood out. I guess it goes better with the previous scene, where they first meet each other.

dipali said...

I haven't seen it either!

Tabula Rasa said...

me neither.