Manual of Life - Alternative Definitions

Guilty Pleasure

Walking into a store full of delicate and glinting things, wondering over their frailness for a while, before yelling 'I can't take it anymore!' and sweeping a whole shelf full of the oh-soooo-breakable things onto the floor with an exaggerated flourish, and then rampaging some more across the store, all the while savouring the horrified looks on the people around you

....and then disarming the outraged employees/store owner by producing the exact amount of money they cost, which you had been saving up for months just for such an occasion.

See also:
Candid camera pranks

If you are going to do this, please don't pick a small, independent store which has taken great care to craft the things. That's just mean. Pick a nice public store-chain, at peak hour, and select their most ugly products.


DewdropDream said...

Someday, when I'm a millionaire ... I shall do this.

km said...

And as Astronaut Aldrin learned the hard way, this prank is not possible in zero-gravity stores.

brinda said...

heh. i just have to walk into a store with even one solitary breakable item and it breaks... bad vibes i suspect...

dipali said...

What a wonderful thought!
So many things that I would have loved to do, but never dared to:)