Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(Warning: This may or may not be true)

Some days, when I'm feeling malicious, I go to the Google page to search for and then click on the Yahoomail link. I then go to the Yahoo homepage and search for (and click on) the Hotmail link. And just to complete the circle, I visit the MSN page and search for (and click on) the Gmail link.

I like to think it hurts their ego a bit, for someone to come to their turf and then declare an affinity for their rival. I also keep hoping it screws up all their 'Most popular searches' lists.

If I'm feeling particularly malicious, I visit the Rediff page and search for (and click on) all the other three. Because after all, it's Rediff.


Roy said...

revenge of the geek!

Blackfayth said...

you're nasty!

i like! :)

Mudra said...

Wow! Now I'm going to do this too. We could start a movement, y'know? Fun!

km said...

Warning: This may or may not be true

Who you kidding? This is *definitely* true (and funny :))

??! said...

Oh hell yes.

One can be, indeed, vicious on occasion.

I'm wondering if it would be too nasty to put this up as a 4Chan meme.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

I like. Will adopt the tactic when google/blogger/gmail throw inappropriate ads on the side. I dont understand the LOGIC behind those vague ads. Never relevant.