Friday Fun: Fact/Fiction

(True? Not? You decide)

Every time I hear someone say that "Bombay* ends at Bandra/Dadar/Worli/", I instantly launch a subtle and emergency-related plan to lure their snotty asses all the way to Bhandup, and get them lost in the mangroves there. Just to prove to them that the city never ends.

So far it's worked on eight people.

* It'll always be Bombay.


The Bride said...

Definitely false. I think. Arrrgh.

km said...

Ha ha...I said this (i.e. the city ends in Dadar) to someone just a few days back.

//there are mangroves in BHANDUP???? Where? Behind some steel mills??

??! said...

The Bride:
You can't quite tell, can you?


Well, east of Kanjurmarg-Bhandup. Some are left.

The Bride said...

I can too. I thought I'd just give you the satisfaction of ambiguity.

Mudra said...

Don't know about true or not. I just wish/hope it's true!! :D

unpredictable said...

Better idea - put them on a Virar fast and ask them to get off at Borivali. THAT'll show em.


km said...

True story: I once overheard a "townie lady" on a train in India tell her companion (from the suburbs) that she did not know where Andheri was.

That was mildly shocking.

Pri said...

I'm tempted to say pah you north Indians but I won't.